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Meet José Fernando panduro Rodríguez a Visionary Artist from Santa Clara, Pucallpa, Perú and a member of Shipibo Collective.

José is dedicated to visionary art as a part of the free expression of the Shipibo culture, its medicine, and its spirituality.

He began studying at the art school Eduardo Meza Saravia in Pucallpa, one of the few art schools in the Peruvian Amazon that gives the youth generation the opportunity to enhance their talent as an artists and, he was also one of the students of Pablo Amaringo (Recognized as one of the world's leading visionary artists)

Today he shows his recent painting

"Las energías Amazónicas” translated as The Amazonian energies. Representing the cosmovision of the Shipibo Conibo Culture with their spirituality.

In the painting we can appreciate the guardians of the Shipibo Conibo spiritualism.

The macaw is considered the representation of the sun among animals. The sun, for spiritualism, refers to happiness. This bird brings us happiness, good energy, joy and good luck. The black jaguars and snake are the protector of the spiritual world. In the painting the curandero (shaman) is bringing all of his connections, his master plants, guardians and celestial worlds.

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Las Energías Amazónicas

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