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Meet José Fernando panduro Rodríguez a Visionary Artist from Santa Clara, Pucallpa, Perú and a member of Shipibo Collective.

José is dedicated to visionary art as a part of the free expression of the Shipibo culture, its medicine, and its spirituality.

He began studying at the art school Eduardo Meza Saravia in Pucallpa, one of the few art schools in the Peruvian Amazon that gives the youth generation the opportunity to enhance their talent as an artists and, he was also one of the students of Pablo Amaringo (Recognized as one of the world’s leading visionary artists)

Today he shows his recent painting

“Ayahuma” AYA – 'dead', and HUMA – 'head' , which refers to the shape of the fruits or Inoaxatan in Shipibo language. Also known as Cannonball or Dead Head Tree in English.

In this painting we can appreciate Jose’s sensibility and spiritual connection with the magical world of the plant medicine. Bringing the Ayahuma Guardian as the main character. Ayahuma is a tree with beautiful flowers and fragrant fruits that look like cannonballs. It is a tree of the soul, provides protection, and can be your dream guide. It is one of the most respected trees in the plant medicine world for the Shipibo Conibo. This tree opens high-level shamanic knowledge around clarity, truth, and high protection against dark energies. It opens up the power of vision and healing, giving strong shamanic abilities.

José brings the magic and mystical world of the shipibo conibo spiritualism, the plant medicine world and the connection with the ancestors.

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