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These tapestries were inspired by the sacred plants of the Amazon.

Bringing protection, love, and healing to our lives.

This tapestry features the Maya Kewé: Bringing the Ikaros (sacred medicine songs) into life, representing the sacredness of the ancestral medicine of our community.

Ayahuasca designs: in the middle, we can appreciate the ayahuasca or Oni (Shipibo) and Chakruna bringing the sacred medicine of the Shipibo Conibo.

Represents the whole ayahuasca world a vivid representation of the ancestral shipibo ceremonies.

✨Each piece takes around 3 months to make.

🤎 Hand - embroidered by Irma Agustin

In ancient tradition, Shamans communicate with cosmic worlds during sacred ceremonies; singing their visions of serpents to the tribe bringing protection to the community, radiating with light, color, and sound. Shipibo - Conibo artisans paint and stitch the energy of these songs. Each handcrafted collection of products transforms music, myth, and belief into one harmonious creation.

🌱Each piece is inspired by nature🌱

🌱Honoring and preserving🌱

🌱Handmade with love🌱

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Jakon Kano - Hand-Embroidered Tapestry

Only 1 left in stock
  • Length: 150cm

    Width: 146cm

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