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Discover our new collection of Traditional Mayá Kewé Tapestries!

These tapestries were inspired by the sacred plants of the Amazon. Bringing protection, love, and healing to our lives.

On this collection features the Maya Kewé which is one of the ancient styles of embroidery designs of the Shipibo Conibo. Each peace takes around 2 months to make.

In ancient tradition, Shamans communicate with cosmic worlds during sacred ceremonies; singing their visions of serpents to the tribe bringing protection to the community, radiating with light, color, and sound. Shipibo - Conibo artisans paint and stitch the energy of these songs. Each handcrafted collection of products transforms music, myth, and belief into one harmonious creation.

🌱Each piece is inspired by nature🌱

🌱Honoring and preserving🌱

🌱Handmade with love🌱

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Koros Kewé - Tarditional Hand-Embroidered Tapestry

Only 1 left in stock
  • Length: 147 cm

    Width: 66cm

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