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Koshi Ainbo, Strong/ Powerful woman, this name is beacuase we want to see you empowered, gorgeous, honoring and embracing your authenticity with the koshi desgins of the Kewe. 

This pant is an absolutely flawless, comfy and unique, perfect for all occasions. Made with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton and a elasticized waistband to ensure comfort. Featuring the Maya and Coroz Kewe designs which represents our ancestors and the sacredness of the Amazon.

>Hand embroidered with love in Pucallpa, Peru< 


Each piece is inspired by nature. be one with the whole.

There is a life and a person behind and impacted by every piece of clothing and accessories we make.


•••These items has the sacred designs called “Kené” from our Peruvian Amazon!

In the Shipibo culture shamans translates this ancient knowledge into geometric patterns, They believe are healing on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.


••• Made with high quality materials and uniquely designed by Shipibo Conibo artists from Ucayali, Perú.

Koshi Ainbo Pant

Out of Stock
  • Waist: 60 - 86cm

    Hips: 100  cm

    Total Length: 98 cm

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