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Semei Noi means the love of Bobinsana. It is a well known master tree for the Shipibo people, this tree brings love (It is a very gentle healing tree) increasing clarity and strength in our lives.

Teresa and Adelina got inspired by the bobinsana for its generosity and love that it brings and the anaconda (our great protector from the water realms) surrounding the bobinsana in a shape of a heart, reminding us how much love this tree is always emanating.

This is a collection for all the men out there who love traditional, simple, comfy, and earthy styles! Every piece is designed by Adelina Maldonado and painted by her mother Teresa Agustin in the Ucayali Region of Perú with natural dyes that contains barks all sourced from the Amazon on raw tocuyo cotton.

The tocuyo is a fabric made of 100% cotton that is extracted directly from plants. Its elaboration process is simple; after removing the cotton from the plants it is simply soaked for 3 days; it is fortified, it becomes threads and these are woven to make tocuyo cloth. This simplicity in the process makes it a very durable fabric with a very low carbon footprint compared to other textiles.

We love it! Each piece is a testament of the ancient art of our culture.

Inspired to be in connection with nature!

🌱Each piece is inspired by nature🌱

🌱Honoring and preserving🌱

🌱Handmade with love🌱

🌱One of a kind🌱

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Semei Noi - Natural Cotton Shirt

Out of Stock
  • Size L

    Chest: 120 cm

    Total Length: 73 cm

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