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•Shipibo Earrings•

Available now the new collection of

Estela Huayta López and Luz María Chávez Vargas both Shipibo artists from Ucayali - Perú.

The Shipibo Earrings are inspired by the traditional earrings from our community, the bright and colorful designs represent the beauty of the woman together with nature, a connection with our inner essence.

Featuring the Xao Kené (Bone Designs) one of the oldest designs that remains intact till today, a design from our ancestors symbolizing protection and power.

This Shipibo Earring is the true essence of the Feminine Power.

Handmade with Mostacilla Checa (Czech glass bead), Lagrimas de San Pedro Seeds ( Plant of healing and luck, helps one maintain love, happiness and prosperity), and silver.

Beautify yourself with these sacred adorments!

🌱Each piece is inspired by nature🌱

🌱Honoring and preserving🌱

🌱Handmade with love🌱

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Shipibo Earrings

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