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Why is it important to give back to the community? Because the secret to living is giving. True fulfillment doesn’t lie in material possessions. Those things are all parts of achieving a good life. But the real meaning in life never comes from what you get, it comes from what you give.

The importance of giving back to society can’t be understated. When you give back, you’re able to better the lives of the people around you, the people in your community, or the lives of people somewhere else in the world. And finding meaning by giving back to the community doesn’t just benefit others – it benefits you.


​Shipibo Collective is committed to giving back to the people and the environment to overcome the problems that threaten our forests and communities in order to create a new compassionate and generous world. This is why we are donating 10 percent of the profits to give capacitation, education, medical services, and basic necessities to our community.


Want to make a donation? If you want to support this project you can do it in multiple ways. There are many different ways to show your support. The most direct way is to make a donation directly to the collective. Another way is to purchase some of the wondrous artworks from the artisans and share them, or you can consider becoming a monthly donor. There are also volunteer opportunities, and some work can be done that will help support us to continue these dreams.

Where do your donations go? Shipibo Collective was born in 2015 with a project to change the perspective of traditional art, bringing together more than 25 Shipibo Conibo artisans.

Each one fulfilling a very important role. We seek to create a community where these women are revalued and respected for the immense ancestral knowledge they inherit.

Create doors for new opportunities with our art, a heritage to share, something that was inherited from our ancestors and that we still preserve in our memories. Thanks to Adelina Maldonado Agustín a Shipibo Conibo artist from Pucallpa, Perú, the founder of this collective, has been working with 2 communities of 25 shipibo Conibo families since 2011 since then has been working to develop a market for their beautiful artworks to continue sharing the ancestral art of Kené. So now we need your help!


With your donations, we will be able to work on audiovisual projects for our collective and the Shipibo Nation. In order to preserve this ancient culture with photographs, videos, audios, to be able to show the next generation and the world the importance of this rich cultural heritage.


We will be able to give capacitation to the Shipibo artisans with professionals in fashion and designing in order to create a better quality of garments.


We will be able to capacitate the next generations with our collective artists about the ancestral art of Kene in order for them to not forget this knowledge and create more opportunities with this art.


We will be able to plant trees in our village with the reforestation program of “Kushi Tribe” in our village.


We will be able to give more opportunities for education, capacitation, basic necessities, and medical services to our community.

Any amount, no matter how big or small, makes a world of difference. If you are interested to be part of this project as a volunteer contact us directly. Your generosity and support are received with incredible gratitude and love. It will make us stand even stronger!

Meet the Peruvian men and women who preserve, transmit and keep alive the ancestral knowledge and techniques of the original peoples of Peru.

Arte Amazónico Shipibo Conibo - Shipibo Collective Perú

Arte Amazónico Shipibo Conibo - Shipibo Collective Perú

El pueblo Shipibo Conibo de la Amazonía es reconocido en todo el Perú por su espiritualidad. Para ellos todo está entrelazado su hogar, sus almas y su creador. Cada una de estas piezas son únicas, inspiradas de las plantas sagradas de la Amazonía Peruana, todo hecho a mano con amor para el mundo. Con Shipibo Collective buscamos honrar, compartir y preservar la cultura y el arte tradicional de cada una de estas mujeres artesanas en un mundo que se moderniza rápidamente. Buscamos crear una comunidad donde estas mujeres sean revaloradas y respetadas por el inmenso conocimiento ancestral que heredan. Crear puertas para nuevas oportunidades con su arte, un patrimonio que compartir, algo que fue heredado de sus ancestros y que aún preservan en sus memorias. sigamos compartiendo el arte tradicional el arte del kene! •Productos para gente que ama al mundo• . The Shipibo - Conibo people of the Amazon are renowned throughout Peru for their spirituality. For them everything is intertwined their home, their souls, and their creator. Each of these pieces are unique, inspired by the sacred plants of the Peruvian Amazon, all handmade with love for the world. With Shipibo Collective we seek to honor, share and preserve the culture and traditional art of each of these artisans in a rapidly modernizing world. We seek to create a community where these women can be revalued and respected for the immense ancestral knowledge they inherit. As well as to create doors for new opportunities with their art, a heritage to share, something that was inherited from their ancestors and that they still preserve in their memories. Let's continue sharing the traditional art, the art of kené! •Products for people who love the world•


Bima Inuma - Jativina 2022 It was an honor to be part of this magical celebration with full of joy and that our beautiful clothes from the collective can be worn by the incredible artists of our community. Bima and his group of artists and musicians were sharing our culture and traditions for the past years with their yearly festivity called JATIVINA to all the people from all over world that visits San Francisco village here in the Ucayali Región of Perú. Que viva la música! This video was made possible thanks to @kushiayahuasca Healing Center and the Shipibo Family. Hope you can enjoy the cultural richness that we the Shipibo still preserved till today. • We are back! It’s being a month of a lot of work for all the women from the collective. We recreated new clothes for all the men out there who love the traditional, simple, comfy, and earthy styles, every piece is designed by Adelina Maldonado and made here in Perú in the Ucayali Region, all hand embroidered with so much dedication by Kelly, Rogelia, Judith and Luisa. on raw tocuyo cotton. The tocuyo is a fabric made of 100% cotton that is extracted directly from plants. Its elaboration process is simple; after removing the cotton from the plants it is simply soaked for 3 days; it is fortified, it becomes threads and these are woven to make tocuyo cloth. This simplicity in the process makes it a very durable fabric with a very low carbon footprint compared to other textiles. We love it! Each piece is a testament of the ancient art of our culture. Inspired to be in connection with nature. 🌱Each piece is inspired by nature🌱 🌱Honoring and preserving🌱 🌱Handmade with love🌱 🌱One of a kind🌱 ✊🏽Support our work ✊🏽 Find this Collection in our Website 👇🏼 Video made by Fabrizzio Hidalgo


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