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This tapestry is inspired by the Ronin, translated as Anaconda, considered as the god protector of the Shipibo Conibo cosmology. In it features the Maya Kewé (Circular designs) bringing the Ikaros (sacred medicine prayers) into life, representing the sacredness of the ancestral medicine of the community.

Bringing protection, love, and healing to our lives.

Represents the whole ayahuasca world a vivid representation of the ancestral shipibo ceremonies.

🤎 Designed by Adelina Maldonado and Alida Romaina.

For the Shipibo - Conibo people of Peru, everything is intertwined.

Their home. Their souls. Their Creator.

In ancient tradition, Shamans communicate with cosmic worlds during sacred ceremonies; singing their visions of serpents to the tribe they bring protection to the community, radiating with light, colour and sound. Shipibo - Conibo artisans paint and stitch the energy of these songs.

Each handcrafted collection of products transforms music, myth and belief into one harmonious creation.

The Shipibo - Conibo people of the Amazon are renowned throughout Peru for their spirituality. Known as masters of shamanism, they are capable of channeling the energy of the natural world, brought to life in their wondrous crafts. There is a sophisticated symbolic language embedded in these geometric patterns that the Shipibo - Conibo strive to honor in a rapidly modernizing world.

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Ronin - Hand-Embroidered Tapestry

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  • Length: 154cm

    Width: 150cm

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