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The Song Cloth Collection by Teresa Agustín Fernández the co-founder of Shipibo Collective and Adelina’s mother.

Together they’re leading and sharing the ancestral knowledge of their culture.

Teresa is dedicated to traditional art since a very young age. She is one of the oldest artisans in the community of San Francisco in Pucallpa, Peru. From an early age, she learned to embroider and paint with her grandmothers and her mother. For her, her art means everything, it means life, her culture, her ancestors, and all the Amazon itself. Through all of that, she shares the worldview of the Shipibo Conibo.

This Collection is inspired by the sacred plants of the Amazon. Bringing protection, love, and healing to our lives. A collection that revalues ​​the ancestral and sacred art of our culture.

Meet the Peruvians who preserve, transmit and keep alive the ancestral knowledge and techniques of the original peoples of our Peru.

Kené Tapestry - Song Cloth Collection

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  • 152cm x 145cm

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