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Sanken means “firm and attractive appearance”

(we refer to a design)

Our Sanken Shirt is inspired by the sacredness of our Amazon, made for comfort while maintaining a simple, comfy, earthy, and unique style, perfect for all of your special occasions.

Made with 100% Organic Linen, hand embroidered with love in Pucallpa, Peru with recycled bottle threads.

We added Maya Kené (Circular designs) into this collection. It is one of the best known designs for the Shipibo Conibo and part of our mission is to preserve this sacred heritage of our ancestors.

This specific style of design forms part of the Amazon, capturing the rivers, the trees and the people. Bringing wisdom, protection and balance to our lives.

We want to introduce you to our Mayatai Collection:

This collection is an ode to creativity, an inspiration of the connection with nature and the ancestral knowledge of the healing and sacred arts of the Shipibo Conibo Nation. Blessing with its weavings of life. Building a bright future for the new generations to come.


Shipibo Collective is a brand that transmits identity, through its contemporary proposal. Inspired by Kené, the art that beautifies the Shipibo Conibo people. The Shipibo Conibo people of the Amazon are recognized throughout Peru for their spirituality.

For them everything is intertwined, their home, their souls, and their creator.

Shipibo Collective was born in 2015 with a project to change the perspective of the traditional art, bringing together more than 25 Shipibo Conibo artists. Each one fulfilling a very important role. Thanks to Adelina Maldonado Founder of Shipibo Collective this community continues to share and preserve the art of Kené in a rapidly modernizing world.

Sanken - Organic Linen Shirt

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